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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

$400 million/year multinational corporation attacks pro-Canadian website

Ethical Oil April 8, 2014

Today the Canadian lobbyists of the $400 million/year multinational corporation, Greenpeace International, held a press conference to attack the grassroots Canadian website, This is not a surprise: Greenpeace lobbyists are highly paid by foreign interests to attack ethical oil from Canada, while studiously ignoring conflict oil from OPEC. According to Greenpeace International’s financial statements,… Continue Reading »


Press Release

Ethical Oil December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013 Complaint Filed against Ontario Justice Todd Ducharme for Undermining the Court’s Impartiality by participating in a Political Stunt TORONTO – Last month, Justice Todd Ducharme of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice acted as the judge in a mock trial called The Trial of David Suzuki. Justice Ducharme’s high profile participation in… Continue Reading »



Amanda Achtman October 1, 2013

SOCIAL OIL: Oil according to Social Media TORONTO, CANADA (October 1, 2013) Today marks the launch of the YouTube video “Social Oil.” This video shows one of the differences between life in Canada and how people are forced to live in OPEC conflict oil countries. We take for granted our social networks — Facebook, Twitter, even just texting… Continue Reading »


Canadian ethics are not compromised by foreign investment

Jamie Ellerton September 10, 2012

This article first appeared on the Huffington Post Canada In the same week that China’s National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) applied for federal approval for its takeover of Canadian oil company, Nexen, Kuwait’s state-owned company was reported to have signed a deal with Canada’s Athabasca Oil Corp. That’s two countries, known for poor ethics, buying… Continue Reading »


U.S. Conflict Oil Imports on the Rise

Jamie Ellerton August 28, 2012

After years of progress, things have taken a turn for the worse for American energy consumers — and for U.S. foreign policy: Once again, after years of declining OPEC imports, the United States is increasing its reliance on conflict oil from Saudi Arabia. A regime whose values are so at odds with what the U.S…. Continue Reading »


Iran’s Conflict Oil brings us closer than ever to nuclear terror

Jamie Ellerton August 23, 2012

Oil sands haters still cling to the lame claim that Canada’s oil is just as bad as any other source. Because, they maintain, our oil may have marginally higher carbon dioxide emissions than other sources (in fact, our oil is often tied, or occasionally better, than a lot of conflict oil in total wheel-to-well emissions),… Continue Reading »


Chiquita CEO pays the price for attacking Canada’s ethical oil

Jamie Ellerton August 22, 2012

Bananas are the third most popular fruit in the world. And no wonder: they’re delicious. So how do you take one of the biggest banana producing companies in the world and find a way to make its profits just… disappear? Here’s how: You hire Fernando Aguirre and let him alienate an export market of 33… Continue Reading »


Tides Canada: Political to its Core

Ethical Oil August 8, 2012

Mounting evidence suggests Tides Canada is  blatantly violating Canadian charities law TORONTO – sent a letter of complaint to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) today calling for Tides Canada’s charitable status to be reviewed for violating Canada’s charities law. The CRA has strict rules that registered charities must follow in order to maintain their… Continue Reading »

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