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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

Monthly Archives: June 2011


About those land disturbances…

Alykhan June 29, 2011

Opponents of Canada’s Ethical Oil are fond of throwing around scary statistics about how much land is being disturbed by oilsands production. Not surprisingly, they have a habit of getting carried away with exaggerations: recall how the anti-oilsands group calling itself “Corporate Ethics” was forced to admit it had rather unethically—and rather dramatically—overstated the size… Continue Reading »


The New Republic vs. The Real World

Alykhan June 28, 2011

When The New Republic asked Bill McKibben — an avowed champion of a “carbon-free” world — to write a story on Canada’s oil industry, it surely wasn’t looking to get a balanced analysis. If you think oil production should be stopped completely, as McKibben does, then you aren’t going to make an exception for Canada’s… Continue Reading »


Conflict Oil: Bad for business, too

Alykhan June 28, 2011

It’s not just defenders of human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, the environment, aboriginal rights, peace, security and workers’ rights who think the world’s merchants of Conflict Oil are bad news. The business community, it seems, doesn’t trust them either. The Fraser Institute released on Monday its 5th annual Global Petroleum Survey, which polls executives… Continue Reading »


The limits of the anti-Ethical Oil crusade

Alykhan June 27, 2011

Lorrie Goldstein in the Toronto Sun is offering up a very funny (and very trenchant) deconstruction of the latest anti-Ethical Oil crusade by Executive Class Environmentalists — you know: the folks who live in sprawling homes and shuttle about in limousines and extra-spacious luxury jetliners, while admonishing the rest of the world to cut its… Continue Reading »


Why Iran hates the strategic oil reserve

Alykhan June 27, 2011

Looks like the mullahs in Tehran aren’t thrilled about the fact that oil consuming countries, including the U.S., have started releasing their strategic oil reserves to try and cool down the rising price of oil: “The measure by the International Energy Agency in consuming their oil stockpile is meddling in the natural oil market trend… Continue Reading »


TWO Local 210 endorses ethical oil

Alykhan June 24, 2011

I found this great picture on the website of the Telecommunications Workers Union Local 210. The men and women in Local 210 seem to realise that Ethical Oil from Canada’s oil sands is pro-worker and pro-union, unlike the Conflict Oil from Saudi Arabia and other politically oppressive regimes where unions are banned and workers are… Continue Reading »

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