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Monthly Archives: July 2011


Washington Examiner supports Keystone XL.

Alykhan July 28, 2011

The biggest thing going against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline’s chances of getting president Barack Obama’s approval is ignorance. Literally: the vast majority of Americans have never heard of TransCanada Corp., never heard of Keystone, and, haven’t even heard of the oilsands. The debate in the U.S. has been largely confined to politicians and environmental… Continue Reading »


The Greenpeace double standard

Alykhan July 27, 2011

Mike Hudema, Greenpeace’s point man for anti-oilsands lobbying in Alberta, says the logic of supporting Ethical Oil over Conflict Oil hasn’t moved him to back off his spread of anti-oilsands myths and exaggerations: he still wants the largest resource of Ethical Oil in the world to be shut in, leaving the world dependent on the detestable… Continue Reading »


Venezuela & Iran: Conflict Oil’s BFFs

Alykhan July 27, 2011

The fact that the United States has sanctioned Iran and doesn’t buy any Iranian oil has never really diluted the argument for supporting Ethical Oil. Even if the United States doesn’t import oil directly from Iran, it buys loads of the stuff from Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian regime is America’s fourth biggest supplier of crude. And, increasingly,… Continue Reading »


Mythbusting: Are the Oilsands Destroying an Area the Size of Florida?

Alykhan July 25, 2011

The entire expanse of the oilsands resource does cover nearly the same area as the state of Florida—about 140,000 square kilometres. But that doesn’t mean that the extraction of the resource means 140,000 square kilometres of land is going to be “destroyed” or even disturbed. That’s the difference that groups lobbying against Ethical Oil want… Continue Reading »


Mythbusting: Are the Oilsands Major greenhouse Gas Emitters?

Alykhan July 22, 2011

Here’s an interesting statistic: Every single week, somewhere in China, two newly constructed coal-fired power plants fire up.  The largest coal-fired power plant in the world, in Taiwan, emits about 42 megatonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Some of the biggest U.S. plants put out between 16 million and 25 million tonnes. But even if China’s building much… Continue Reading »

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