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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

Monthly Archives: September 2011


Saudi Arabia’s fake progress

Ethical Oil September 29, 2011

I wrote this op-ed for Wednesday’s issue of the Calgary Sun. The world shouldn’t be praising Saudi King Abdullah for granting women the right to vote and run in some fictional future election for a government that holds little real power. Women are still barred from participating in the election happening this week. The election… Continue Reading »


A true act of moral bravery

Ethical Oil September 29, 2011

Anti-oil sands protesters who trespass on Parliament Hill or the White House grounds like to think of themselves as brave. They’re willing to get arrested, don’t you know, in the name of blocking ethical, Canadian oil from reaching U.S. markets, leaving Americans increasingly reliant on OPEC’s conflict oil. Never mind that they’re released almost immediately:… Continue Reading »


Welcome Kathryn Marshall!

Alykhan September 27, 2011

I’d like to introduce Kathryn Marshall to readers. Those of you who follow her on Twitter at @KVMarshall know she’s one of our most enthusiastic supporters. That’s why I’m excited that, starting today, she’ll be joining on as an ethical oil blogger and taking over as’s chief spokesperson.   After four and a half years in the… Continue Reading »


Marketwatch: Saudi oil is dirtier

Alykhan September 23, 2011

The anti-oil sands bullying by Saudi Arabia has caught the attention of Chris Mann, columnist at the market-Dow Jones financial news powerhouse MarketWatch. Writes Mann: “I’d argue that Saudi oil, no matter how it’s obtained, is dirtier than Canadian crude by any stretch of the imagination. (Non-scientifically speaking, of course. )… But at least all… Continue Reading »

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