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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

Monthly Archives: June 2012


Tides can’t launder away its deceit

Jamie Ellerton June 27, 2012

In 1976, a left-wing American activist-entrepreneur named Drummond Pike set up an organization called the Tides Foundation with a clever plan: He knew that high-profile, established trust funds (think: the Rockefeller Brothers Trust or the Packard Foundation) sometimes wanted to fund highly political groups — say, groups promoting gun control — but they didn’t always… Continue Reading »


Canada: Still not a petro-state

Jamie Ellerton June 25, 2012

This piece was submitted to in response to Adrienne Klasa’s June 15 blog post “Canada: The world’s newest petrostate isn’t playing nice anymore.”  ______________________ The Iranian government depends on oil for more than a third of its revenues. In Qatar, oil income makes up 70% of government revenue. In Iraq and Kuwait, it’s more… Continue Reading »


The oil industry: Good for all Canadians

Jamie Ellerton June 11, 2012

While some politicians — *cough, Thomas Mulcair, cough* — spread disinformation and unfounded economic assertions about the oil sands having a negative effect on Canada’s economy, a report an Ottawa think tank demonstrates how the oil industry is benefiting Canadians across the country. The study from the independent Macdonald-Laurier Institute determines that the economic benefits… Continue Reading »

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