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not all is equal. what choice will you make?



We at encourage people, businesses, and governments to choose Ethical Oil from Canada, its oil sands, and from other liberal democracies. Unlike Conflict Oil from some of the most politically oppressive and environmentally reckless regimes in the world, Ethical Oil is the “fair trade” choice in oil.

Countries that produce Ethical Oil uphold human rights and have high environmental standards. They ensure economic justice and promote peace. By contrast, Conflict Oil countries oppress their citizens and operate in secret with no accountability to voters, the press, or independent judiciaries.

Some Conflict Oil regimes even support terrorism.

Currently, we still require growing amounts of oil. Businesses, governments, and even YOU have a choice to make: Do we continue to buy Conflict Oil from politically oppressive and environmentally reckless regimes or do we support Ethical Oil that is discovered, produced, and transported responsibly from the Canadian oil sands?

How it started began as a blog created by Alykhan Velshi to promote the ideas in Ezra Levant’s bestselling book Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands.

The blog, in addition to rebutting inaccurate and unfair criticisms of the oilsands, also sought to engage its readers: inviting them to write letters to their local newspapers, call talk radio stations and suggest ideas for Access to Information requests to expose the network of anti-oilsands lobbyists who meet regularly with senior Environment Canada officials.

Within a month, based on the generosity of its readers, has become an online community that empowers people to become grassroots community activists on the frontlines of the campaign for Ethical Oil.

How we are funded

Unlike most anti-oilsands organizations, does not accept any money from foreign donors like Greenpeace International, the U.S. Tides Foundation or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are 100% Canadian.

We are a registered non-profit NGO and do not accept money from any government agency. We are non-partisan and believe that the Canadian values reflected in Ethical Oil appeal to people from all walks of life and across the political spectrum.

We DO accept donations from Canadian individuals and companies, including those working to produce Ethical Oil. Since launching our website in July, hundreds of Canadians from all walks of life have donated through our PayPal button. The median size of our donations to date is $38. Even one dollar helps to get the word out. We believe that by using our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube we can spread the word about Ethical Oil even without the money and professional staff that the anti-oilsands activists have at their disposal.

Please donate online or send cheques to P.O. Box 1047, 31 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON, M5C 2K4.

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