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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

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$400 million/year multinational corporation attacks pro-Canadian website

Ethical Oil April 8, 2014

Today the Canadian lobbyists of the $400 million/year multinational corporation, Greenpeace International, held a press conference to attack the grassroots Canadian website, This is not a surprise: Greenpeace lobbyists are highly paid by foreign interests to attack ethical oil from Canada, while studiously ignoring conflict oil from OPEC. According to Greenpeace International’s financial statements,… Continue Reading »

2 adds some new faces

Ethical Oil March 20, 2012

I’m very excited to introduce Jordan Graham, our new National Spokesperson. Jordan joins us from Fredericton, New Brunswick. With his experience as a student leader and the youngest city councillor ever in Fredericton’s history, Jordan brings a ton of experience to our organization and will be a great addition to the team. As some… Continue Reading »


The facts shine through

Ethical Oil February 24, 2012

The anti-oil sands lobby wants you to think that there’s no greater emitter of CO2 than the oil sands. They spread lies and doomsday rhetoric aplenty, rolling out jet setting celebrities to opine and lecture us, all the while protecting market share for the world’s conflict oil producers — because they claim to be fighting… Continue Reading »


EU Fails Test of Leadership

Ethical Oil February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012 For immediate release:   EU Fails Test of Leadership Discriminatory policy to stigmatize Canada’s oil sands lives on   TORONTO – is disappointed that the European Union has kept the door open to punishing Canadian ethical oil, in favour of conflict oil from some of the world’s most brutal regimes. The… Continue Reading »


Oilsands: more ethical each day

Ethical Oil February 17, 2012

Part of what makes the oil we produce here in Canada ethical is our commitment to the high environmental standards. We are always striving to reduce the environmental impact of oil production through research, innovation, investment and technology. For example, According to Environment Canada’s measurements, the oilsands has reduced its per barrel GHG output by… Continue Reading »

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