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Category Archives: Facts


$400 million/year multinational corporation attacks pro-Canadian website

Ethical Oil April 8, 2014

Today the Canadian lobbyists of the $400 million/year multinational corporation, Greenpeace International, held a press conference to attack the grassroots Canadian website, This is not a surprise: Greenpeace lobbyists are highly paid by foreign interests to attack ethical oil from Canada, while studiously ignoring conflict oil from OPEC. According to Greenpeace International’s financial statements,… Continue Reading »


Mythbusting: Are the Oilsands Destroying an Area the Size of Florida?

Alykhan July 25, 2011

The entire expanse of the oilsands resource does cover nearly the same area as the state of Florida—about 140,000 square kilometres. But that doesn’t mean that the extraction of the resource means 140,000 square kilometres of land is going to be “destroyed” or even disturbed. That’s the difference that groups lobbying against Ethical Oil want… Continue Reading »


Mythbusting: Are the Oilsands Major greenhouse Gas Emitters?

Alykhan July 22, 2011

Here’s an interesting statistic: Every single week, somewhere in China, two newly constructed coal-fired power plants fire up.  The largest coal-fired power plant in the world, in Taiwan, emits about 42 megatonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Some of the biggest U.S. plants put out between 16 million and 25 million tonnes. But even if China’s building much… Continue Reading »


Mythbusting: Do the oilsands pollute the air?

Alykhan July 7, 2011

There isn’t much mystery about the air quality around Fort McMurray’s oilsands region. That’s because data from measurements around the region are streamed onto the web continuously, for everyone to see at: Take a look for yourself, because there’s certainly nothing to hide. Given all the misinformation being put out by anti-ethical oil special… Continue Reading »

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