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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

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$400 million/year multinational corporation attacks pro-Canadian website

Ethical Oil April 8, 2014

Today the Canadian lobbyists of the $400 million/year multinational corporation, Greenpeace International, held a press conference to attack the grassroots Canadian website, This is not a surprise: Greenpeace lobbyists are highly paid by foreign interests to attack ethical oil from Canada, while studiously ignoring conflict oil from OPEC. According to Greenpeace International’s financial statements,… Continue Reading »


Welcome Kathryn Marshall!

Alykhan September 27, 2011

I’d like to introduce Kathryn Marshall to readers. Those of you who follow her on Twitter at @KVMarshall know she’s one of our most enthusiastic supporters. That’s why I’m excited that, starting today, she’ll be joining on as an ethical oil blogger and taking over as’s chief spokesperson.   After four and a half years in the… Continue Reading »


The Greenpeace double standard

Alykhan July 27, 2011

Mike Hudema, Greenpeace’s point man for anti-oilsands lobbying in Alberta, says the logic of supporting Ethical Oil over Conflict Oil hasn’t moved him to back off his spread of anti-oilsands myths and exaggerations: he still wants the largest resource of Ethical Oil in the world to be shut in, leaving the world dependent on the detestable… Continue Reading »


Venezuela & Iran: Conflict Oil’s BFFs

Alykhan July 27, 2011

The fact that the United States has sanctioned Iran and doesn’t buy any Iranian oil has never really diluted the argument for supporting Ethical Oil. Even if the United States doesn’t import oil directly from Iran, it buys loads of the stuff from Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian regime is America’s fourth biggest supplier of crude. And, increasingly,… Continue Reading »


Mythbusting: Are the Oilsands Destroying an Area the Size of Florida?

Alykhan July 25, 2011

The entire expanse of the oilsands resource does cover nearly the same area as the state of Florida—about 140,000 square kilometres. But that doesn’t mean that the extraction of the resource means 140,000 square kilometres of land is going to be “destroyed” or even disturbed. That’s the difference that groups lobbying against Ethical Oil want… Continue Reading »


Not all pipelines are created equal

Alykhan July 12, 2011

The corporate-funded special interests and lobbyists opposed to giving the United States greater access to Canada’s Ethical Oil have been taking advantage of the recent rupture of ExxonMobil’s Silvertip pipeline—spilling 1,000 barrels of oil into Montana’s Yellowstone River—to try and scare Americans away from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which promises to deliver billions of… Continue Reading »


CBC gives me a great Access to Information idea

Alykhan July 8, 2011

CBC’s Janyce McGregor mixes tu quoque and obsession with process in her post on and me. Apparently, she’s unhappy that I filed an Access to Information request seeking disclosure from the government bureaucrat who was lobbied 28 times by the same two anti-oilsands lobbyists. I am unmoved by Janyce McGregor’s complaint. So, it appears, is… Continue Reading »

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