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Help EthicalOil.Org Make an Access to Information Request

Alykhan July 5, 2011

UPDATE 07/07: This specific fundraising appeal is now closed. It raised the amount necessary to file the Access to Information request, and enough of a surplus to create a more interactive website with some Youtube videos. Thanks everyone for your support. If you still want to donate, there’s a Paypal button on the right.


Let’s shine a light on the professional lobbyists paid to lobby the government against ethical oil from Canada, its oil sands, and other liberal democracies. Lobbyists? Yes, that’s right. Opponents of ethical oil have hired professional lobbyists who are now registered with the Office of the Lobbying Commissioner of Canada to lobby senior government officials behind closed doors.

Who are they lobbying?

Have you ever heard the name Michael Martin before? I hadn’t until I searched the Lobbyist Registry. He was Chief Climate Change Negotiator in the Climate Change Negotiations Office at Environment Canada. Between 2008 and 2010, Michael Martin was personally lobbied 28 times by professional anti-ethical oil special interests.

Unfortunately, but tellingly, when I checked the Lobbyist Registry this morning, the topics of the meetings were vague. Some even had one-word descriptions of the meetings, such as “Environment.” Yeah, thanks for that. So much for transparency and open government.

With your help, will find out whose real interests these lobbyists represent. I’m going to file an Access to Information request that will compel Environment Canada to turn over all their records from these 28 meetings. This is what I will request:

“Provide copies of all documents, including correspondence, e-mails, phone logs, meeting notes, hospitality/hosting expenses, BlackBerry PINs, memos, etc. for all meetings between Michael Martin, then Chief Climate Change Negotiator at Environment Canada, or anyone in his office, and the following two lobbyists – Marlo Raynolds and Peter Robinson.”

I need your help covering the costs of the request, which will be around $261. Please go to the “Donate” button at the top of this page and make a $10 or $15 donation via Paypal.


Here’s how the costs break down:

* The government charges $5 for every Access to Information request
* There are then a number of hidden costs, which do unfortunately add up. The government will charge 20 cents a page in photocopy costs for whatever they send out. Assuming 10 pages of documents for each meeting, that’s about $56 in photocopying costs
* The government also levies a charge for “search time” of $10 an hour. You can get the first 5 hours for free, however. (The way it’s phrased in the regulations is, “$2.50 per person per quarter hour for every hour in excess of five hours that is spent by any person on search and preparation”). Given the scope of what I am requesting, I expect the “search time” levy will be around $200.


Add it together and it’s $261. For that amount, can find out why these lobbyists found it so useful to meet with Michael Martin, what they discussed with him, how much taxpayers were billed for food and beverage expenses (I bet they didn’t cater from Tim Horton’s…), and who else attended the meetings (whose emails I will also request under Access to Information).

Please consider chipping in $5 or $10 or even $15 to help find out what Michael Martin talked about with all these anti-ethical oil lobbyists. The donation button is at the top of this webpage. All money received will go towards the costs of making the request (which I itemised above). Surplus donations will help create a more interactive website and maybe a few Youtube videos to push out our message. Finally, if you have any ideas on Access to Information requests you think should file, send me an email at

Comments (13)

  1. This is gold! Will you post everything you get back on the website? I want to learn more about this Mr Martin…

  2. Chipped in $50 to this very worthy cause! Let’s find out what the ENGOS are saying to their friends in government

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  7. I simply want to say I am new to blogging and definitely loved you’re web site. Probably I’m likely to bookmark your website . You actually come with impressive writings. With thanks for sharing with us your web page.

    • You should learn how to spell before you start posting on public website. Clearly it’s the real smarties that support this action. Read a book.

  8. Expose all individuals involved in the anti ethical oil protests and activities they carry out and whom they are lobbying.All the best and thank you. Joe

  9. First of all, I was living in the area for 8 years. The Saudis (at the helm with there leaders) have been known for their double standards. They blacklisted Israel, but the king is still drinking tomato juice from “the devil” bottled in British packaging.
    This is Saudi!!!! Two facet, double standard tyranny!
    In the second hand yesterday, after the Ezra Levant show, I erased ALL the CTV channels from our satellite box.
    I am not surprised that BELL caved in. They are looking out ONLY for there bottom line. And by the way, in our household NO MORE BELL SERVICE (except Internet access, only for another few contractual obligation months)

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