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$400 million/year multinational corporation attacks pro-Canadian website

Ethical Oil April 8, 2014

Today the Canadian lobbyists of the $400 million/year multinational corporation, Greenpeace International, held a press conference to attack the grassroots Canadian website,

This is not a surprise: Greenpeace lobbyists are highly paid by foreign interests to attack ethical oil from Canada, while studiously ignoring conflict oil from OPEC.

According to Greenpeace International’s financial statements, they raked in 268 million Euros in 2012 – or more than $400 million Canadian dollars. Between 2009 and 2012, Greenpeace’s Canadian branch plant received $526,000 from the Tides Foundation of San Francisco alone. Tides’ specialty is concealing the identity of millionaire and billionaire funders.

By contrast, is a small Canadian website and social media campaign that doesn’t even have an office. Our last project was, with a total budget of $4,000 all of which was raised on PayPal. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. does not give any money to any political party, nor has Ethical Oil campaigned in any election. does not accept any money from foreign sources.

Greenpeace’s outburst today is what psychologists call “projection”. Greenpeace admits that it campaigned in the last two B.C. provincial votes. You can see Greenpeace’s latest election registration here and a full list of their massive, multi-million dollar domestic bankroll here. Contrary to their public statements, in their B.C. filings, Greenpeace admits to accepting corporate donations.

Thankfully, B.C. voters didn’t like foreign millionaires telling them how to think, and gave Greenpeace a good old Canadian thumping.

There’s an extra layer of irony in Greenpeace having a press conference, with a straight face, worried about someone else breaking the law: Greenpeace’s chief campaign tactic is to break the Criminal Code. They have conducted a long-running crime spree of vandalism, break-and-enter and mischief, putting the lives of their own young and naive volunteers at risk, as well as others working in industrial sites.

It’s flattering that Greenpeace International is so upset by a little Canadian website. It’s proof that, despite Greenpeace’s big bucks and criminal tactics, Canadians are patriotic when it comes to energy. They prefer Canada’s ethical oil to foreign conflict oil – or in the case of Greenpeace, snake oil.

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