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Americans4OPEC get noticed!

Alykhan September 14, 2011

When two burqa clad women from Americans4OPEC recently joined the protest against the Keystone XL pipeline at the White House the other day, they probably didn’t turn quite as many heads as actress-cum-pipeline-engineering-expert Daryl Hannah. But they did catch the eye of the folks at Commentary magazine.

If you’ve never heard of Americans4OPEC, you can check out their website here. They have a lot in common with the anti-oil sands lobby represented by the Splash star: both want to block the flow of ethical Canadian oil to the U.S., ensuring that Americans remain dependent on dangerous OPEC regimes for their energy. The difference is that Americans4OPEC is satirical; Daryl Hannah’s crew, with their hysterical claims are, as this CBC examination reveals, beyond satire.

No wonder then that Commentary finds the Ethical Oil argument persuasive. As Alana Goodman writes:

“There are plenty of reasons to support the Keystone XL – the massive number of jobs it would create is one of them. But there’s no denying we’re still going to have to rely on oil from somewhere for the foreseeable future. And in the end, the less oil money that goes to support autocratic regimes, the better.”

Commentary’s content focuses heavily on “the fate of democracy and of democratic ideas in a world threatened by totalitarian ideologies,” Israel, and the fate of Jews in the world. So, it’s natural that it would instinctively grasp the importance of ethical oil: a world economy captive to petro-tyrannies that fund anti-Semitic terrorist groups and deny the Holocaust while promising to wipe the Jewish State off the map looks especially hostile to supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.

But the anti-Keystone XL lobby is well aware of that. As Commentary reports, one protester demanded to know if is funded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — the so-called powerful “Israel Lobby” you may have heard about that pulls Washington’s strings. Seems you can’t stand up for the rights of women, workers and minorities these days without being accused of being part of some vast Jewish conspiracy.

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  5. I am fully in support of the Oil Sands and the export of the product to the USA. However, we should be exporting finsihed goods like refined gasoline, jet fuel and petro chemicals. Export product, not jobs.

    • The problem is product contamination. You would need a separate pipeline for each product. That’s cost prohibitive as is shipping that distance by tanker truck.

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