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Budget 2012 clamp down on special interest groups masquerading as charities welcomed

Ethical Oil March 29, 2012

TORONTO – commends the Federal government for the steps taken today in Budget 2012-2013 to clamp down on the political and partisan activity of special interest groups masquerading as charities.

As brought to light earlier this year, foreign billionaires are funding special interests groups to attack Canada’s Ethical Oil and are campaigning to delay infrastructure projects, like the Northern Gateway Pipeline. This is against Canadian interests and is not charitable work.

Budget 2012 announced that the federal government will require these radical special interest groups with charitable status to provide greater transparency for what their foreign funders are paying for.

Budget 2012 also announced the Canada Revenue Agency will increase their compliance division so that groups (like lobby group “Environmental Defence”) violating charities law will be held to account for their political and partisan activity.

Attacking Canada’s Ethical Oil industry so that Canadians continue to rely on conflict oil imported from places like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela is not charity. We hope the federal government will move expeditiously to implement these measures and hold radical special interests groups to account for their partisan and political activity.

“The Federal government should be commended for clamping down on the partisan and political activity of special interest groups masquerading as charities. Using taxpayer subsidies to attack Canada’s Ethical Oil is not charity.”

-Jamie Ellerton, Executive Director,


“Special interest groups masquerading as charities need to be held accountable for violating charities law. Budget 2012 shows the government is taking this issue seriously and we hope they’ll move quickly to implement these measures.”

-Jordan Graham, National Spokesperson,


Comments (6)

  1. Aren’t charities special interest groups? I.e. don’t most charities have a more focused mandate to do research or action in a particular realm of interest – social, environmental, religious?

  2. It’s ok to be critical of ENGOs, and there is criticism that is justified but for the Harper government to take 8 million $ from an austerity budget to clamp down on ENGOs for dong ‘partisan’ activity is perverse. When have ENGOs endorsed a candidate or a party? How is there activity any different than the Heritage foundation or Canada west foundation?

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