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Canadians support budget’s new charity rules

Jordan Graham April 11, 2012

It turns out that getting rid of the penny was one of the more popular features of the recent federal budget: 68% of Canadians liked the idea, according to an Angus-Reid poll. But the most popular budget item was Ottawa’s plan to keep a closer eye on groups who enjoy charitable status but use the money to play politics, or who rely on foreign interests to crusade here in Canada. Eighty percent of Canadians support that measure, Angus-Reid reports.

We wrote after the budget why this measure is so important. Fringe environmental groups are using millions of dollars from non-Canadian sources to sabotage businesses and jobs here in Canada. And they’re using tax-break subsidies, originally designed to help Canadians, in their anti-jobs, anti-economic crusades that end up hurting Canadians.

That’s why exposing foreign funding of anti-oil groups — the way Ethical Oil did in its campaign earlier this year — is so critical: those groups that work for foreign interests are doing things that foreigners want them to do, not things that Canadians want. It puts them out of touch with Canadian values, as we’ve seen in their reckless and outrageous sabotaging of the Northern Gateway pipeline approval hearings, a project supported by British Columbians.

The fact that 80% of Canadians want Ottawa to provide more oversight of these groups’ political activities and foreign support — an overwhelming majority — is yet more evidence of how out of sync these organizations are from the Canadian public. After the budget, anti-oil sands groups actually complained about how unfair it was that they should have to meet these levels of accountability. All the more reason why we need to make sure these foreign-funded political groups play by our rules — Canadians’ rules — and not their own.

Comments (3)

  1. The austerity budget found 8 million $ for this. Further, EO treats this as if it’s a done deal and ENGOs (and other charities or non-prophits including Fraser Institute) are in the wrong. The Canadian Revenue Agency requires NGOs to do ‘advocacy’ work on their issue. Only 10% can be political. Good luck trying to persecute ENGOs, this is a waste of money.

  2. Thats fantastic. Green lobby groups like the Suzuki foundation have been abusing there charitable status for years, by lobbying government and issuing tax receipts instead of doing charitable works. These snake oil salesmen have been perverting the income tax charitable deductions for years.

    Excellent work on providing some much needed ethics to the charitable fraud that has been perpetuated on Canadians by Eco terrorist groups.

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