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Conflict and oppression on the OPEC summit agenda. Again.

Ethical Oil June 14, 2012

It’s that time of year again, when the world’s most reprehensible club gathers to plan how they might manipulate world oil prices and the global economy in order to benefit themselves and their brutal, undemocratic regimes.

That’s right: today is the start of another OPEC summit.

There’s a lot to discuss this time. As usual, there are “tensions” between the various dictatorships over a variety of issues. In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Kuwait, where oil power and political power are inextricably linked — mainly because, if it weren’t for their control over their countries’ oil, reprobates like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Ayatollah Khamenei, Saudi King Abdullah and Hugo Chavez wouldn’t have the power they do.

That’s why the biggest issue on the table at this year’s summit will be Iran’s attempts to get OPEC to help it counteract sanctions imposed by Western governments over Tehran’s illegal race towards nuclear weaponry and war.

Iran will find support for its rogue behaviour from Venezuela, a country run by a man with a fetish for mass murderers. Hugo Chavez’s oil minister has made it clear he’s not happy with the sanctions against his Iranian friends and allies. This, while Venezuela continues to defy embargoes on trade with Syria, helping to keep Bashar al-Assad’s slaughter machine fuelled with Venezuelan conflict oil. Those tanks with innocent Syrian kids strapped to their fronts as human shields? They’re powered by Hugo Chavez.

As the Daily Beast reports:

“Al-Assad may be an international pariah for his savage repression of national rebels, which has unleashed what international peace mediator Kofi Annan has called “horrific” violence on noncombatants, especially women and children. Yet in a large swath of Latin America, where Venezuela’s comandante calls the shots, the Damascus tyrant might as well be a global hero. Chávez openly praises al-Assad in public and is leading a hemispheric effort to rescue the dictator’s crumbling reputation.”

Saudi Arabia’s royal family, meantime, has decided its response to Iran’s nuclear arms race will be…to get its own nuclear weapons using its own vast treasure of confiscated oil wealth. Of course the whole reason for doing so would be to protect its own vast treasure of confiscated oil wealth. Wherever you hear the sound of killing and war in the Middle East, you can be sure that OPEC oil has something to do with it.

What’s sure not to be discussed at this week’s OPEC gathering is the ongoing oppression of women, workers, minorities, gays and free thinkers in countries from Qatar to Nigeria. That’s because, among the captains of conflict oil, such things are unremarkable. Torture, arbitrary killings, jailing of dissidents and journalists, hanging gays, imprisoning children, and treating women like chattel are shrugged at. They’re just the peculiar peccadilloes of countries dominated by sharia-obsessed clerics and kleptocrats. Take Kuwait: where just last week a man was jailed for 10 years for “endangering state security” — by writing things on Twitter considered offensive to Islam and Middle East rulers.

OPEC’s conflict oil tyrants may like to use their oil to loudly bang the drums of war, but they’re awfully good at keeping their oppressed and deprived subjects very, very quiet.

Comments (2)

  1. Ethical Oil should best give this kind of argument a rest. World full of villains, crazy dictators and shady schemes … but wait, there’s a knight in shining armor coming to rescue … The Most Ethical of Them All, His Highness, The Oil Sands King !!!
    Who do you consider to be your audience ?
    Hugo Chavez – everyone’s favourite punching bag and his “fetish(?)” for Qaddafi ? Interestingly enough these are two men out of a handful (Castro, Hussein and possibly bin Laden come to mind) that stood up against western (oh so free and democratic) influence and interference … only two still alive … will Chavez be next ?
    Now who’s lead are we following here ?
    Canada strong and free ?
    Give your head a shake, stick to the “oily” facts and try to look a little into the future …

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