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not all is equal. what choice will you make?
17 Chiquita boycott demo outside of Safeway

Ethical Oil December 21, 2011



















Today  held a successful demonstration outside the Oliver Square Safeway store in Edmonton.

Demonstrators dressed in sombreros and ponchos stood outside of the grocery store and handed out postcards that people could mail to the Alberta Safeway HQ asking Safeway to join the boycott of Chiquita brand products. This was part of the campaign that launched last week asking all Canadians to boycott Chiquita brands until they reverse their boycott on Canada’s ethical oil.

While Chiquita Brands now denies they are boycotting Canada’s oil sands oil, the letter Chiquita sent to the anti-oilsands organization Forest Ethics on November 21st says its goal is to “eliminate” the use of fuels from providers that is connected with oil sands refineries. No matter how you peel the banana, that’s a boycott.

So far, thousands of Canadians have spoken out against Chiquita’s unethical boycott of Canada’s oil sands oil through our website, our Facebook group: and on twitter–using the hashtag #boycottchiquita

Our radio ad has also been played across Canada:

Have your voice heard and join in calling for a boycott of Chiquita brands.

You can download the pamphlet we handed out in Edmonton right here.

Comments (17)

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  2. I am calling the manager at Safeway in Coquitlam BC to make sure they know what a disgusting terrorist supporting thing they are doing because they sell all chiquita brands. I cannot buy bananas from the good people who supply them because Safeway only sells blood bananas. How’s that for a company in Canada. The manager will know my fury.

  3. No oil is ethical. Especially tar sands oil. Don’t you think it’s time to turn this world around and move to cleaner energy. what is ethical about polluting the environment?

  4. Penguin of Flight December 22, 2011 at 03:12

    This is idiotic. Whenever I see Kenney calling a banana producer a foreign bully, I immediately think of Hugo Chavez jamming on in hyperbole and see turds falling out of the Minister’s mouth.

    • Is that all you have left? Name calling?

      It’s a choice between Ethical Oil or Blood Oil. Take your pick. Support the Canadian way of running industry, or support OPEC. Anything and you’re mouthing the words of a paid lobby group like GreenPeace or Forest Ethics – both funded by offshore with hidden agendas.

      • Penguin of Flight December 24, 2011 at 09:18

        I don’t really care about the the ethical oil/blood oil debate (which is really just a silly diversionary communications tactic, when it comes right down to it); I just can’t stomach elected officials speaking in the same hyperbole as despots with mental health issues, that’s all.
        Sent from Travis’ brain.

  5. If the Oil Industry won’t defend the oil sands, I guess it’s up the public who benefit from them that will have to. Well done Ethical Oil. Just say No – to Chiquita and anyone else who thinks it’s good marketing to follow suite.

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  7. There are two sides to the oil business – production and sales – while Canada fits the bill of ethical on the production side, on the sales side, selling oil to China can hardly be considered ethical – averaage Chinese citizens have few, if any rights, their communist government rules over them with an iron fist (even to the point of telling them how many offspring they can produce and continuing to ‘occupy’ Tibet. Selling oil sands oil to the USA fulfills the term ‘ethical’, however selling to China does not and I’m still buying Chiquita bananas.

  8. I have worked in the oil sands since 2010. Calling our oil sands “tar sands” and carrying on about its alleged climate changing pollution is just plain wrong. One of the reasons the oil sands are the most expensive source of oil right now is their extremely strict environmental regulations. I will say without equivocation Alberta’s oil sands is the most environmentally regulated petroleum industry in the world bar none!

    Then again, I don’t really believe the visceral hatred coming from the so-called “environmentalists” is really over a genuine concern for the environment. If it was, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and the myriad of academics populating Alberta’s Universities would at least acknowledge the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS spent over the past decade by the oil sands in land reclamation and clean technology. These groups don’t acknowledge any efforts by the oil sands to be environmentally responsible, nor do these far left environmental groups and academics mention a word of complaint about China’s coal plants or Sudan’s almost non existent regulations for their oil industry.

    The hatred of our oil sands is an ideological hatred for a phenomenally profitable energy sector. The far left and its academics hate the free west and hate our prosperous market based economy. They have to do what they can to shut down the oil sands, as the oil sands create phenomenal wealth and energy independence for a free market based society. A booming oil sands means Albertans will have little use for the socialist koolaid being peddled by our universities and pseudo environmental lobby. Hence, no amount of environmental stewardship or positive news about lives changed for the better thanks to the oil sands will ever stop the leftist inspired attacks on our nation’s greatest natural resource. Therefore, I am happy freedom loving people are starting to fight back!

  9. What?? Safeway is STILL selling Chiquita?? Urge everyone to send a strong message to their individual Safeways and head office.

  10. I just came from the Co-Op in Calgary (16th Ave / 5th St. NE location) and they had Chiquita bananas for sale. I told the store manager that I would not be shopping there again until they stopped selling Chiquita bananas. It may be time to start boycotting Calgary Co-Op until they see the error of their ways.

  11. We can either co-operate in an effort to bring justice to the world or we can form into two groups facing each other across what we see as a divide hat cannot be bridged. We can look at the global picture or the ‘national interest’ one. We can fixate on jobs or start working on ways to feed ourselves in the future.

    If we let greed, selfishness and corruption rule our hearts and minds we will do what we have always done and attack each other. This site is dedicated to verbal attacks but these will quickly escalate into physical clashes between non-violent protesters and government backed police and military without the restraints of non-violence.

    The problems are global in nature and so would solutions have to be, that is the reason for co-operation with those from outside of Canada. National interest has become one of the most damaging factors in attempts to start the rebuilding of the world for a peaceful, just post-oil future. I was just looking at a picture of a young girl holding a sign that read “YOU CAN’T EAT MONEY” . . . . . most of the world’s peoples already know that and we in the industrialized world will find out the truth of it soon enough.

  12. It is not just bananas Chiquita sells. They also sell f the Fresh Express ready made salads. Go to their website and see what other products they sell.

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