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Anti-oil sands activists use Saudi censorship tactics

Jamie Ellerton July 11, 2012

On Tuesday released a video calling out LUSH Cosmetics for their ethical hypocrisy. For those of you not familiar with LUSH, they are a soap company that makes millions off of women and sells the sham that they’re champions of women. Yet in Saudi Arabia, where LUSH also does business, they remain silent, submitting to the Saudi way. Saudi Arabia not only oppresses women, but religious minorities, political dissidents, and gays and lesbians.

LUSH has attacked Canada’s petroleum industry before. They have made a habit of campaigning against Canadian industry and jobs, and it is their right to be able to do that. Just as we have the right to call out the company for their ethical hypocrisy and use social media to help spread our message.

But those opposed to our efforts apparently don’t want to debate. Instead contributor* Alheli Picazo and a cadre of activists have taken a page from the Saudi playbook to censor those with political view points they disagree with. Rather than attempt to rebut or refute what we said, anti-oil sands activists did what the Saudis would do: CENSORSHIP!

That’s right, they channelled the ways of conflict oil dictators and turned to censorship, making fake spam claims to have our Twitter account, @BloodLushAlerts, (temporarily) shut down. What’s perhaps the most appalling is that these activists employing conflict oil methods think censorship of political views is a joke.

Here’s the screen shot of one activists comments:

Since when in Canada did it become a laughing matter to try and silence the political opinions you disagree with? What is Picazo and her cadre of activists afraid of?

Maybe they are afraid of the success has had in our first year of existence. Even NDP MP Peggy Nash has acknowledged how “quickly in the public eye” Ethical Oil has grown. Maybe they can’t live with the guilt that when they buy stinky soap from LUSH they’re supporting ethical hypocrisy. Maybe they’d rather Canadians continue to import conflict oil from OPEC’s tyrants, rather than choose ethical oil from Canada and support the growth of our industry.

It would appear the BlackOutSpeakOut campaign was a sham. They were not advocating for free speech. They were merely trying to score political points in opposing the federal government budget that Parliament ultimately approved.

In employing Saudi censorship tactics we now see their true colours. They are afraid of Ethical Oil’s success. They can’t win the debate, so they just want to shut it down with censorship.

* Note: It has since been brought to our attention that Ms. Picazo is a former contributor. Her postings and bio however remain on their site at the time this article was published.

Comments (13)

  1. What rubbish. You’re shills of the same corporations that extract and/or refine oil in all the places you brand as “unethical”, and have done **** *** to ensure that we “Eastern Bastards” have access to Canadian oil.

    The lot of you are goddamn hypocrites.

    • That’s factually incorrect. We have long supported market led initiatives to help get Ethical Oil to eastern Canada.

      You can read about our support to reverse the flow of Line 9 in Southwestern Ontario, that would bring Canadian oil to Ontario, and could eventually be reversed as far east as Montreal.

      Read more about it here:

    • As opposed to those that support a company that takes part in the suppression of people, especially women, in the middle east. Plus, you are rude with your nasty tone and casual profanity.

  2. “Since when in Canada did it become a laughing matter to try and silence the political opinions you disagree with?”

    Seriously? Where’ve you been the last few years, when Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant were fighting Canada’s inaptly named Human Rights Commission? (Try a Google.)

  3. “Since when in Canada did it become a laughing matter to try and silence the political opinions you disagree with?”

    Surely you jest! Look up Mark Steyn, or Ezra Levant, or Stephen Boissoin.

    Canada is acquiring a rich history in the area of suppressing, or attempting to suppress, free speech.

  4. Rabble is turning to political rubble.

    They can’t compete in the ideas market place so they turn to childish attempts to silence people who they disagree with.

    What a pathetic, inept bunch of losers and moral midgets.

  5. Lush will do or say whatever they think will make them money. They probably couldn’t care less about the oil sands, they’re just jumping on the band wagon.

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