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not all is equal. what choice will you make?
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Ethical Oil December 18, 2011 is proud to launch a site dedicated to our boycott of Chiquita because of their ban on ethical Canadian oil. Use this site to send a message directly to Chiquita and tell them what you think of their unethical ban on Canadian oil!

Comments (8)

  1. It i unfortunate that Chiquita has allowed itself to be duped into allowing a anti-Business anti prosperity left wing front group posing as an Environmental group to set policy.Until this error is corrected I will be boycotting Chiquita products.

  2. Another misinformed US giant.Hope Canadians have a backbone and stand up to Chiquita and boycott their products.

  3. Chiquita Bananas will no longer be in our house or our three adult children their spouses and our four grandchildren will no longer use these products, Canada will not stand for their unfair misinformation campaign.

    David & Nancy Marshall Sudbury Ontario

  4. To be honest I never buy Chiquita bananas as they look infested with human feces. Lack of decent plantation washrooms I guess. Buy healthy bright yellow Dole bananas!.

  5. Sorry, I’m with Chiquita Bananas all the way. Yeah Chiquita! Any companies developing TAR SANDS OIL – I hope you fail over and over and over!!!! One day history will tell your gruesome story to the world. You are an embarrassment to Canadians. I will buy ONLY Chiquita Bananas now!!! Yes! And, I will ask my friends and family to buy Chiquita Bananas. AND, I hope more companies boycott TAR SANDS OIL, and I will buy their products as well. L. Brisbane P.S. How can you call yourselves ethical???

  6. L Brisbane – how can you call yourself ethical boycotting canadian oil and choosing to give money to murderous OPEC regimes? next time saudi arabia executes women for “sorcery”, as they did just a few days ago, remember that the regime there only has power because you put money into their pocket! next time iran hangs homosexuals, remember that your money helped pay for it. good luck sleeping well tonight, while meanwhile little girls in OPEC countries are getting acid thrown in their face for daring to go to school by regimes your western money is funding :)

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