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EU Fails Test of Leadership

Ethical Oil February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

For immediate release:


EU Fails Test of Leadership

Discriminatory policy to stigmatize Canada’s oil sands lives on


TORONTO is disappointed that the European Union has kept the door open to punishing Canadian ethical oil, in favour of conflict oil from some of the world’s most brutal regimes.

The EU’s Fuel Quality Directive unfairly targets Canadian ethically produced oil while giving a free pass to imports from Venezuela, Iraq and Nigeria: oil with a carbon footprint that is comparable or worse than Canada’s oil sands, and from countries with abysmal environmental and human rights records.

“The EU’s proposal is nothing more than a political hit job to stigmatize Canada’s oil sands. With the third largest deposit of proven reserves on the planet, Canada offers a secure and responsible alternative to volatile OPEC oil imports that fund misery, strife and bloodshed,” says Kathryn Marshall, spokesperson for “Rather than punishing Canadian oil, Europe should look for ways to stop buying OPEC’s conflict oil and look to an ethically produced supply for their oil needs.”

Canada has some of strongest environmental laws in the world that are strictly enforced, and the highest standards when it comes to human rights and the treatment of workers. Per barrel emissions of Canada’s oil sands have been reduced by 30% since 1990, and industry, academia, and government continue to invest in research and innovation to lessen their emissions even further.

If there’s any oil that Europe should be worried about, it’s all the bloody conflict oil entering its borders from despotic regimes in Saudia Arabia and Iran. It’s time for those countries who value human rights, peace, and our environment to stand up and choose ethical oil.


Comments (5)

  1. The idea is worth pondering, but I wonder how much the price of oil will be if everyone relies solely on Canadian oil – I think it’ll be something like $500/barrel.

  2. We should join with other countries on this. Only go further and ban EU airline flights, and all EU products. I’m not buying this vote. Supposedly some of our allies abstained from the vote. What kind of an ally doesn’t vote for you. We have a lot graves over there to free them from the Nazis. My dad risked his life for four years over there and had two tanks blown out from under him. One tank, he was the only one to get out of. This is how they pay us back for all the lost lives.

    Newsbytes: Climate Hysteria Threatens Global Carbon War

    Russia is considering limits on European flights over Siberia as countries approve possible retaliatory measures against the European Union’s move to force airlines to pay for carbon emissions.

    • Their money is as good as anybody elses. Why would we starve ourselves. You want to go live where it’s poor. Go, nobody is stopping you. But you are not going to destroy the livelihoods of people in this country with your nonsense. We will see to that no matter what it takes.

  3. There are no real leaders in current leadership positions, they are rotting as slaves in the systems that they were born into and consciously or unconsciously perpetrated them. The real leadership will come from an enlightened younger generation that does not have as much baggage and the older drone like generation needs to give them control, and cooperate with them and support them. Please see this very inspiring video, it is another evidence of younger folks rising and this moral force is necessary to change the world for the better:

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