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Iran’s Conflict Oil brings us closer than ever to nuclear terror

Jamie Ellerton August 23, 2012

Oil sands haters still cling to the lame claim that Canada’s oil is just as bad as any other source. Because, they maintain, our oil may have marginally higher carbon dioxide emissions than other sources (in fact, our oil is often tied, or occasionally better, than a lot of conflict oil in total wheel-to-well emissions), they insist it’s no better than conflict oil from brutal, terror-sponsoring autocracies that repress women and minorities.

The biggest test of that flawed and mushy moral equivalence is yet to come, though: Will they continue to claim that Canada’s ethical oil isn’t worth supporting over OPEC’s blood oil once Iran starts threatening the world with nuclear war? Because it’s looking like that day is approaching very quickly.

Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, a left-leaning publication generally skeptical of the more hawkish political strains in that country, is now reporting that the U.S. President has recently received a new National Intelligence Estimate report briefing him on the state of Iran’s nuclear program. And, alarmingly, it found the Iranian theocracy has made “surprising, significant progress toward military nuclear capability,” the paper reports.

Iran has always pretended to the world that it sought nuclear technology for civilian purposes, only. It was a pretty absurd claim, given that a country as oil rich as Iran had little reason for alternative power sources like nuclear, but it at least gave oilsands bashers at least a shred of cover as they defended conflict oil from OPEC — of which Iran is a founding member — as no more dangerous or morally flawed than Canadian oil.

Saudi Arabia treating its women as chattel, Nigeria waging war on its own people, and Venezuela giving military support to the tyrannical maniacs in Libya and Syria, were harder to ignore, but at least, as consequences of conflict oil regimes, they’re less visible to North American consumers. With Iran on the brink of threatening its neighbours, and perhaps all of us eventually, with nuclear attack — a regime that has promised a genocide that would wipe Middle Eastern Jews off the map, remember —  the danger of excusing, even supporting conflict oil over ethical Canadian oil will be that much harder for any of us to ignore. Even oil sands haters.

Because, truly, this threat to the world is brought to you very directly by consumers who have for far too long patronized conflict oil. The mullahs who run Iran have been absolutely awful; this is nothing new. The country, after all, is the Number One supporter of terrorism worldwide. It commits horrific human rights abuses. It threatens to annihilate its Middle East neighbours. And yet, consumers in Europe and Asia have continued to prop up Tehran’s depraved regime for want of Iranian energy supplies. Only recently, as a result of international sanctions against the rogue mullahs over their heedless rush toward nuclear arms, has Europe finally suspended Iranian oil imports.

Their decision to stand on principle has clearly come too late. Iran will no longer just terrorize its own people, or Jews, as in the past; it is now on the brink of terrorizing the world, using its nuclear threat as a threat against us all. Tehran relies on oil exports for the majority of government revenues, with 90% of its export income dependent on oil and gas resources; none of this would have come to pass had the world refused to prop up this vicious regime with by purchasing their conflict oil.

In the past, you could almost excuse it: Iran belonged to a clique of countries that held unparalleled oil reserves. There were scarcely any other suppliers. But now that Canada has discovered, and begun to mine, oilsands reserves larger than even Iran’s oil deposits and nearly rivaling those of Saudi Arabia, there is no longer an excuse for anyone, anywhere to not support Canadian oil as a replacement for conflict oil wherever possible.

And yet, astonishingly the oil sands haters — many of them foreign-funded activists — are still trying to keep the oil market from falling into ethical hands. They are working night and day to keep Canadian oil from coming to market, foiling plans for pipelines and shipping, so that consumers worldwide will have to remain dependent on conflict oil regimes. Once Iran does have its nuclear bombs, the anti-Canadian activists would see to it that the world has no choice but to go back to buying Iranian oil again. With its nukes in hand, Iran just might be able to insist upon it.

This is the true cost of supporting conflict oil over ethical oil. Anti-oil sands types may prefer not to spare a thought for the oppressed women, workers, gays and democrats who are beaten, tortured and murdered in so many OPEC countries. They may prefer to ignore the terrorist bombings and killings engendered by conflict oil regimes. But Iranian nuclear terror bought and paid for with the proceeds of conflict oil? Unfortunately for all of us, that very dangerous consequence will be a much harder thing for them to dismiss.

Comments (2)

  1. Ok. so… we’re really bashing Iran here? I’m all for using more canadian oil products. what I don’t understand is why we’re being picky about where the rest is coming from.. but not where our own oil is going. We do sell most of our oil to china right? The same china that’s famous for it human rights violations? The same china that is currently supporting Bashar Al-assads regime in syria? The same China that is recklessly throwing up polluting factories and coal fired power plants? The same China that makes us all of our cheap goods on the blood of there workers that may receive a pocket full of change per day?
    we do need our cheap goods though right?
    So let’s set up a pipeline.
    They’ll suck us dry in no time.
    let’s talk money.
    The current estimate for the amount of tax revenue over the next 30 years generated by the pipeline is a WHOPPING $81 billion!
    whoa! that sounds like a lot!
    2.6 billion a year for 30 years? AWESOME!
    oh. wait. our current national debt… right now…. not 30 years from now… is over $500 BILLION DOLLARS!
    i’m sorry to say that it hardly seems worth it. Generate jobs now but put even more of our land at risk.
    anyhoo. i’m straying from the point. we always have and always will receive things from undesirable sources. we will sell whatever we have to whoever has the money.

  2. Nice buzz word…”Conflict Oil”. The thing you don’t get is that the conflict doesn’t come from the oil, it comes from the way we relate to one another. Furthermore, all oil in unethical. There is no such thing as “Ethical Oil”. That is why your organization does not make sense. We, as in pretty much all human beings on the planet (Iranians, Chinese, Americans and Canadians, etc.) simply like to use oil because it is convenient. We choose to ignore the fact that this oil (Iranian and Canadian oil alike) is a dirty source of energy because that is also convenient for us. Where are the ethics there?

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