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Keep boycotting Chiquita — it’s working!

Ethical Oil April 2, 2012

It’s been more than three months since and thousands of proud Canadians joined together to call for a consumer boycott against Chiquita after that company agreed to participate in a boycott of its own: against Canada’s ethical oil.

According to a report in The Economist, Chiquita is paying the price.

“This may have pleased environmentalists, but it infuriated Canadians who depend on the oil industry. A pro-business lobby called is urging a boycott of Chiquita’s products that is said to be costing the company a fortune. Chiquita would not quantify its losses.”

Trying to score cheap points with environmentalists by throwing Canada’s unparalleled ethical standards under the bus should cost Chiquita a fortune. And it should stand as a warning to any other company that thinks it can unfairly target Canada just to suck up to a few fringe environmental radicals, like the foreign-backed activists at ForestEthics.

There’s a reason other fruit producers, like Dole and Del Monte, haven’t caved in to ForestEthics’ bogus spin and bullying tactics against them to join Chiquita’s Ethical Oil boycott: they’ve seen what happens to companies who try scoring cheap points by unfairly smearing Canada.

Let’s make sure it stays that way: don’t let up the boycott; keep up the pressure on Chiquita. We’re winning.




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