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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

Listen to our Chiquita Boycott Radio Ad

Ethical Oil December 16, 2011 will be launching radio ads across Canada encouraging Canadians to stand up for ethical, Canadian oil and boycott Chiquita for their decision to rely on conflict oil from some of the world’s most odious regimes.

The ad will play on radio stations across Canada next week, but you can listen to it right here, right now:

You can also join the Boycott Chiquita Facebook group here:

Follow us on Twitter: @Ethical_Oil

We have launched a website about the boycott of Chiquita and you can use it to send a message directly to the company. Please visit

Comments (58)

  1. Chiquita Banana I’m here to say
    Won’t eat your bananas , there’s no damned way!
    Here is Alberta , we produce ethical gas
    If you won’t use it you can kiss my ass!!!

  2. I would never let them kiss my ass. I don’t ever want them that close to any of my vital functions. And Chiquitas are banned from our house, permanently.

    • That ‘close to vital functions’ point is an extremely, that is to say, extremely, good point.

  3. Do not buy Fresh Express salads, or Chiquita avocados, pineapples and Chiquita Healthy Snacks, and juices.

    Let’s watch that produce rot on the shelves.

  4. “Ethical Oil” — what a misnomer. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, ethical about the destruction of our Earth. I believe Chiquita should seek alternative energies rather than OPEC oil, but if it’s a choice between overseas oil and the tar sands, the choice is very clear. The process of extracting tar sands oil is what makes this energy source so incredibly dirty and full of greenhouse gases. We need energy solutions, not just a hip new way to rip up the earth.

    • Educate yourself and find out the real truth about the oil sands. Most environmentally sound extraction of oil in the world. Most regulated industry in the world. Canada’s 2% of GHGs is NOTHING compared to that of the USA, China , India , Brasil etc. Of that 2% only .1% comes from the oil sands. By law, ALL disruption of the land will be returned to its natural state.
      So you would choose Saudi, Iranian, Venezuelan blood oil over Alberta oil huh? You’re a fool and an uninformed one at that.

      • Oh yes if the law says they have to put it back how it was then of course they will. I call bs. And to the person who likened it to an asbestos house…. the asbestos it dumped somewhere. Out of sight out of mind does not work so well when we’ve filled up the world.

    • The false assumption you are making is that if the oil is not extracted in Canda you have saved something.

      In reality every gallon of oil not pulled out of Canada is pulled out of somewhere else on this earth. Somewhere no-one is looking at nearly as carefully as they are in Canada… if you are TRULY a friend of the earth you will DEMAND to use oil produced as close to you as possible, in a country that does real environmental monitoring.

      Or you can continue to demand to use oil from a country that cares as little for the environment as they do their people. Your choice. But one is obviously far more ethical…

      • Kgelner, no one is making that assumption, Tar Sands oil is much dirtier than any other oil extracted today environmentally, and if you think there is no human impact then please remember the people who have been forced off of that land. I don’t have any agency over what Middle Eastern countries do, but I believe in the democratic uprisings there, and that the people will take much better care of their land than their governments. I can do something about your actions, by fighting Tar Sands pipelines in my country, and I will continue to, because that is the most responsible action I can take for my country. I hope you will do the same, if not for my sake, then for your children’s.

        • For my children’s sake I will do everything I can to make sure that as much of the oil we consume in this country comes from this country, because unlike you I have zero faith in Middle Eastern countries (government or people) to look out for me and my family, or this planet.

        • “Tar Sands oil is much dirtier than any other oil extracted today environmentally”

          That is totally false (provide a link proving it). It can be extracted just as well as any other oil, and as stated the sites they are extracting it from will be fully restored, so even if it was dirtier it wouldn’t matter (cleaning out an asbestos filled house is dirtier also but when you are done you have a clean house). The “dirt” in question is the oil they want to extract in the first place!

          “if you think there is no human impact then please remember the people who have been forced off of that land”

          I prefer to remember hundreds of Syrians and Iranians actually killed, not relocated.

          “I believe in the democratic uprisings there”

          That part doesn’t matter. Even IF they avoid being taken over but muslim fundamentalists which will continue to abuse women, they are still so poor they will not care AT ALL about the environment when extracting oil, or while shipping it.

          “I can do something about your actions, by fighting Tar Sands pipelines in my country”

          Then you stand against the people of the middle east and the environment itself. For the sake of Gaia and all the humans on this earth that live under tyrants today, I hope you lose, and lose badly – for you fight to keep them polluting and in power.

          • sick of the enviro goofs December 18, 2011 at 17:53

            kgelnor…. you truly are a goof! No one lived on that land! You’ve been drinking the Gore , Suzuki, Sierra Club urine haven’t you? You poor mislead bugger.

          • I never claimed anyone lived on that land. The person I was responding to did. If they are lying, respond to them. If you read my message again I am all for Canada extracting oil from tar sands, because it’s the best thing for the environment.

        • People driven from their land : All operations are on public land

          Cancer: An uproven accusation by one physician who has been chastised by his own professional association for his sloppy work.

          Toxic wastes: Yes, but confined to tailings ponds that are being reclaimed as they are filled.

          Climate change: That mania is, after 15 years of b.s., finally past its due date. If you want to make arguments
          against burning oil, there are rational reasons for conservation without resorting to fairy stories.

          Do like film maker Cameron and a few Yankee politicians have done and visit the operations for yourself. You might learn something even though you dumbass Yankees are sometimes pretty hard to educate.

    • Tar sands are in fact an oil spill. Those who turn the tar sands into gasoline are taking an oil spill and turning it into an ethical and useful fuel that is used by ambulances, fire trucks and police cars.

      • That’s a good point. Since the tar sands are so shallow, the oil present will oxidize over a much shorter time than conventional oil reservoirs and the resulting CO2 would just escape into the atmosphere anyway.

      • Yes, and mercury, arsenic and lead exist naturally in the environment as well — but does that mean we are obligated to remove them to “clean up a spill”? (Not at all, in fact.)

        • Obligated? I never said obligated. But if mercury, arsenic and lead were laying around on the surface and we needed them to make say … light bulbs (so our homes are more lethal — thanks environmentalists) , then it would be better to use the surface materials and then leave the site cleaner, than to import the materials from 1000s of miles away where the countries use slave labor or fund terrorists.

    • You’re kidding right? I suggest that you find and read a social responsibility report on alternatives to Canadian crude and then explain yourself and your opinion.

      Get informed. You’ve been greenwashed.

    • Eric – Wake up man ! Where do you think all the products you use come from? Pick one: Canada or Iran ? Please choose quickly before the choice is gone. Hurry now……

  5. Yo Alberta, where ya get off with your dirty oil?
    Haven’t ya herd that your water is soiled!
    So whatcha thinkin, choosin short term spoils?
    While the rest of the world looks at you and recoils,

    Toxic wastes, people driven of their land,
    But what do you care, it’s money in your hands?
    Cancer, water pollution, global warming,
    Your game is up, the resistance is forming

    We wish you’d stop, but if you’re not we’re gonna make ya,
    And watch yourself, cause Chiquita’s gonna bake ya.
    Dole is next, and then what for your bananas?
    Sorry Alberta, your COC will have to ban-an ‘em!


    • Your little ditty contains so many misconceptions and outright lies that this Albertan can’t imagine where to begin.

      People driven from their land : All operations are on public land
      Cancer: An uproven accusation by one physician who has been chastised by his own professional association for his sloppy work.
      Txic wastes: Yes, but confined to tailings ponds that are being reclaimed as they are filled.

      Do like film maker Cameron and a few Yankee politicians have done and visit the operations for yourself. You might learn something even though you dumbass Yankees are sometimes pretty hard to educate.

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  7. Canadians have to start standing up to some of these dictators, when in fact they are some of the biggest abusers of “people”…..Love bananas but will ensure it’s not Chiquita or Fresh Express!!!!

  8. At Chiquita we’re bananas, and we’re here to say
    We don’t know squat about the world today
    We’re told that Tar Sands oil isn’t green
    So we’ll buy our oil from places obscene…

    Human rights abusers don’t make us sick
    We’re the guys that defined ‘Banana Republic’
    We want our oil delicately tainted with blood
    Not that crude clean stuff from Alberta mud

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  12. It’s time to put country of origin labels on gas at the pumps so we, the consumers, can choose gas that comes from ethical oil. Please make this happen.

    • An interesting concept but impossible in practice, just as Chiquita’s stupid idea would be impossible. The refining and retailing ends of the industry overlap so much that there’s probably no gasoline or diesel fuel west of the Mississippi that wasn’t partially derived from Canadian bitumen.

  13. Time to not only Ban the Bannana, but also the grocery chains that choose to sell their products. They can choose to buy from Chiqitas competitors.

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  16. I have a newpaper item for the edmonton journal that stated that 120,000 years ago we almost lost the dead sea because of temperture increase…..I don’t believe that fred flintstone was causing it and not too many other humans were around to cause it so is it that global warming is a natural cycle of our planet…..oh yeah don’t forget the ice-age that we had between then and now

    • Yes, stillavictim it’s true that the Earth has experienced periods of warming that were even warmer than we’re likely to experience in the near future. But it’s also true that those warming periods coincided with the Permian extinction and others (You may be familiar with the fact that the Permian was the greatest mass extinction of all time: 96% of all marine species became extinct.). Rapid climate change, whether warming or cooling, creates a very difficult situation for life, which must either rapidly adapt via slow evolutionary processes or succumb to extinction. Since humans are the cause of our current warming period, we have a responsibility to thwart as much species suffering and extinction as we can, by greatly reducing our impact on the planet (climate included). Btw you should take these words I write seriously. I did, after all, take a class this semester called “Climates Through Time” with geologist Ellen Morris Bishop. We studied past climates and attempted to gain a new perspective on what’s happening now.

        • She has taught there in the past, yes. She’s at Whitman college now (

          You’re right that at times, forces greater than us can be at work — but it all depends on chance events and timing — i.e., flood basalts release ENORMOUS amounts of CO2, possibly comparable to us, but these are extremely rare when you consider how vast an amount of time the geologic record represents. So, if there was a massive flood basalt event going on right now, or if a high number of volcanoes were all erupting right now, or if the majority of plant life succumbed to an unfortunate disease, I would be much less certain about anthropogenic climate change. As the science shows it, though, anthropogenic climate change is a reality. I suggest reading (skimming!) the 2007 IPCC report on climate change, especially section 9.7, found at It was painstakingly put together by thousands of scientists, so it’s safe to conjecture that it’s a reputable source.

  17. So long Chiquita. Your misguided publicity attempt puts you on the top 10 list of “stupid corporate tricks”.

    So who is funding Big Green anyway? Talk about your hidden agenda.

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  20. Ask yourself one thing. If you never saw another Chiquita banana, or any other brand of banana for that matter for the rest of your life, would it make any difference? Would you miss it? Would you even notice? If the answer is anything other than NO, you may have serious psychological banana related issues. So why purchase them? Just walk on by. Salad greens can be bought anywhere so who needs fresh express either? The eco-nuts want you to buy local so give em what they want this time.

  21. So why do we want to sell oil to a company like Chiquita? So they can keep shipping bananas to us?

    • Yes, by all means support Chiquita Brands, supporter of Colombian paramilitary death squads, poisoner of the environment with deadly fungicides and one of the most predatory corporations on earth. Nice.

      Since you speak of “our” oil, I presume that you’re a Canadian. If you are, then no matter what province you live in, you’re reaping the ecoomic benefits from the only major bright spot in the Canadian economy. Hypocrite.

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