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Oilsands: more ethical each day

Ethical Oil February 17, 2012

Part of what makes the oil we produce here in Canada ethical is our commitment to the high environmental standards. We are always striving to reduce the environmental impact of oil production through research, innovation, investment and technology. For example, According to Environment Canada’s measurements, the oilsands has reduced its per barrel GHG output by 29% since 1990.

Today the federal and Alberta governments announced a joint plan to help further reduce emissions and energy use in the oilsands through investment in research and experts in industry, academia and research organizations.

Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver was quoted saying “this agreement will allow the oil sands to continue to grow the economy and create jobs while reducing the environmental footprint through new and improved oil sands technologies.”

This announcement comes only a few weeks after the federal and Alberta governments announced a joint $50 million dollar plan that will increase monitoring in the oilsands.

Canada’s ethical approach never stops trying to do better and raise the bar.

You won’t hear announcements like these in conflict oil producing nations like Iran or Saudi Arabia. You’re far more likely to hear about a new yacht or private jet purchase. Or in the case of Iran, investment in nuclear weapons.


Comments (12)

  1. Emissions is ONLY 1 issue regarding the detrimental impact that oil sands has on the environment. How will the pipeline and tanker leaks be addressed? The answer lies in Enbridges previous track record. They will cover it up and destroy the water, land and make the citizens physically disabled and sick because of their greed.

  2. What an excellent job this woman did, spending countless hours investigating the foreign interests pouring money into Anti-Canadian efforts, only so they can profit from the non-development of this nation. As appalling as it is to think the radical enviro’s are doing this strictly for their own profit, it is a sad reality. Obscene, cowardly & treasonous are the words that come to mind when I see this.

  3. Traitors! Change the legislation Mr Harper and just ram it through to teach these pinko lefty commie goddamn fucking islamist apologists a lesson.

  4. Does anyone else see the irony of arguing against Ethical Canadian Oil when this smart young lady is working to make it better and more efficient for all of us? A smart young lady who’s potential would never be realized in the oil rich regimes of the middle east? Wow!!We even get to see her hair and face and she had no male relative escorting her around…crazy!

    • Once again… its a false dichotomy. No one is arguing that, in comparison, human rights are better here than in SA but doesn’t justify going crazy in the oil sands and potentially destroying sensitive ecological functions in the regions impacted not to mention our global climate.

      It’s like saying ‘we should be buying our land mines from Canada because they have a better HR record’ when really ‘enviro-pinko commies’ are saying ‘lets get rid of land mines all together’.

  5. Who in God’s name do you guys think you are fooling? You are utterly insulting to thinking Canadians!
    Tibet Supporter ( NOT a China Dupe…I KNOW too much!

  6. Maybe you should be selling your “ethical oil” to Canadians so we don’t have to deal with those sleazy off-shore companies?

  7. Canadian tar sands oil is about as far as you can get from ethical. The monitoring suggested is a joke . Spills happen and anybody not aware of that by now is just ignorant. About a million liters a year on average. Our government has let the oil sands run like the wild west for 50 years, and now they are throwing us a bone. Too late! We know what has been happening and it’s going to stop. Proposing the industry monitor themselves is insulting to say the least. The Athabasca river has been polluted and poisoned and the people down river are paying the price with their lives. Fossil fuels are outdated people, time to move on. Welcome to 2012

    • Prove your point about oil spills. I spilled a litre of apple juice on the counter tonight. Prove that the Athabaska River has been polluted. My puppy peed in a puddle today. So we both polluted. You prove your point, OK?

  8. at least the chinese partners in the tar sands and pipelines are very ethical look out for human rights and the environment

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