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St. Michael’s Extended Care society sends strong message to Chiquita

Ethical Oil December 23, 2011

Alberta’s St. Michael’s Extended Care Society has sent a very strong message to Chiquita Brands. Their letter delivers a powerful punch to the fruit company, who grossly underestimated how hard Canadians would fight back over their misguided and discriminatory decision to boycott our ethical oil. You can read the fantastic letter that Mr. Stan Fisher, President and CEO of St. Michael’s Extended Care Society sent to Mr Fernando Aguirre, Chiquita Brands CEO here.

In the letter, Mr. Fisher states some of the following:

With over 15,000 long term care beds in Alberta operated by charities, non profit organizations, private operators and government, you made a bad decision.

As your research department would advise your corporate policy and decision makers, bananas are a significant part of seniors’ suggested diets, and many do incorporate Chiquita brands in their purchasing decisions.

If our oil isn’t good enough for you, guess we’ll have to slip on the Chiquita bio-hazard as it lies on the streetscape.

Good for Mr. Stan Fisher and the St. Michael’s Extended Care Society. They are taking a stand against foreign bullies, and standing up for Alberta, Canada, our jobs, our economy and our ethical oil.



Comments (19)

  1. I am in full support of Chiquita’s decision to not use tar sands bloody oils. The more the world learns of your toxic sludge, the greater the urgency to not use it.

    • Bloody oils? Whatever are you talking about. There is no slavery forced labor etc in the extrication of oil from the tar sands. You sound like you as as misinformed as Chiquita. Take some time to thoroughly research the extrication processes as well as the reclamation processes in the oil production in Alberta before making idiotic comments

      • What type of foolish tool are you. Wake up and grow up and get your fact straight before you start to bark on something you no nothing about

    • Every wonder why GreenPeace doesn’t disclose their funding? They aren’t a recognized charity in Canada for reason. It’s because they are a paid lobby group, funded by offshore interests. Nice job. Back in the day, the Russian Communists had a term for people like you: a useful idiot.

    • A couple of points here. Canada Pension Plan is heavily vested in our “oil sands”. You may not care about your retirement or anyone else’s, but I do. Also, whatever will Ontario (have-not province) and Quebec do without the equalization payments from the west (largely Alberta) and the oil-sands/ Say goodbye to all those lovely social programs and $7.00/day daycare in Quebec.
      Obviously you are not a Canadian. Just one more question–so whose petroleum products do you plan to use?

  2. Ethical oil? What an oxymoron. I like how how you try to portray yourselves as a grassroots org when you are nothing more than a mouthpiece for Harper and oil companies.

      • The directors of the Ethical Oil Institute are Ezra Levant (loyal Harper flunky) and Thomas Ross of Alberta law firm McLennan Ross, who are known for representing oil companies. Not to mention Alykhan Velshi, who is also a flunky for big oil, American neo-cons and also worked as Director of Communications and Parliamentary Affairs under Jason Kenney. But hey, if you like being used by those types, you should be ecstatic that you are doing their dirty work for them

        • Oil and the products derived from it (synthetic fibres, plastic, lotions, etc) will be around for a very long time. Alternative energy sources comprise only 6% of the energy needs for the world and it will be many years, if ever, before there are reasonable alternatives to oil. And yes, I am ecstatic that Canada is the most progressive and responsible country IN THE WORLD, at providing this energy source.
          So are you ecstatic that you are obviously choosing then to support dictatorships where women are treated like property and illegals are enslaved to work in the oil-fields?
          It appears that it is Saudi $ and billionaire foundations in the U.S. and the U.K. who are trying to influence and manipulate Canadian resources. Are you ecstatic about that too?

          • Where did I ever say I support dictators? You really should learn how to argue. Your whole post is one big logical fallacy. The term strawman comes to mind…

    • So what special interest group are you working for? GreenPeace funded by Saudi Arabia? How about Iran? Get an education. You are grossly misinformed and have been “greenwashed” by a lobby group.

    • This is to Mr. I’m not buying it and i sure hope you read all the posts that have been sent to you. I’d sure like to know how many vehicles you have parked in your driveway and how many windmills you have in your backyard. I can’t believe how uninformed you sound. So instead of buying or using oil from the most regulated country in the world you’d rather get your oil (for YOUR cars,etc.) from countries that really don’t give a shit how they get the oil or what they do with the waste after its all said and done. I agree that there are alternative enery sources but to date we’re still using oil from what i understand so why not (till we have better sources) get it from the oil sands. No i have a better idea lets get it from the terrorists so they have more funds to build weapons to wipe us right off the map and rape our mother earth,,,,,hmmmmmm. Canada has a great big black X on the oil sands and the whole world is watching so do you really think our oil companies are going mickey mouse things in the oil sands for all the world to see? I DON’T THINK SO,,,,,,Sorry i could go on and on but i can’t educate all of face book in one post,,,,,,GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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  4. Support Canadian Oil December 24, 2011 at 23:28

    Love this. Beautiful that the Canadians with their head of straight have united in this fight against the “bash canada” mentality that has been perpetuated throughout the UN and other organizations. We have always laid down in the past, but not that time.
    As for Mr. “Not Buying it”, I don’t think that anyone care what you are and are not buying. What we know that you ARE buying is the kool aid. You refer to people as Flunky’s, but you buy into the rhetoric so hard without bothering to acquaint yourself with the facts…so educate yourself before throwing around useless and meaningless comments.

  5. THANKS St. Michael’s. Why, I think we can get the bloody chiquita brand out of Canada if we keep trying. After all, we’re much too good for terrorist bananas and terrorist express salad. It is an absolute shame .that Safeway is snuggled in bed with terrorist groups. What can we do besides phoning the managers, which accomplishes nothing. Safeway must be happy with their approval and support of bloody chiquita

  6. Good for you Mrs. Fisher,,,,,,A lot, I mean a lot more Canadians have to PAY ATTENTION to whats going on,,,,,HATS OFF TO YOU,,,,

  7. I want my footprint, human or carbon, to be as big as Gore’ s, suzuki’s, obama’s, the hollywood sillies, and all the assess who think my footprint should be small. Drop dead, nincompoop.

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