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New report: Billions more reasons to support Ethical Oil

Alykhan June 24, 2011

The Edmonton Journal reports today on a new report from the Canadian Energy Research Institute — an independent, non-profit partnership between university researchers, government and the energy industry—that measures the kind of benefits the oilsands are set to deliver people all across North America.

In short: It’s staggering.

In the next 25 years, CERI estimates $2.7 trillion will be invested in dozens of new oilsands projects. But, reporter Melanie Collison points out, “the real story is the benefits such massive investment will splash all across North America — 900,000 full-time and part-time jobs; $444 billion in taxes paid to all levels of government; and a cumulative total of more than $623 billion in royalties bulging Alberta government coffers.”

Peter Howard, the president and CEO of CERI concludes:

“When you look at this report, what it says is it’s a very positive thing for Alberta, a very positive thing for Canada as a whole. Quebec, Ontario and B.C. are beneficiaries because their manufacturing sectors produce goods for the oilsands. The U.S., sooner or later, is going to look at Canada and say it’s secure, and from a supply point of view are going to permit further imports into the U.S.”

Many people in the U.S. are already waking up to the fact that their country needs to work harder to promote Ethical Oil, and reduce its dependency on the Conflict Oil it buys from shariah states, failed states, terror-sponsoring states, and war mongering states. (See my blog post on the House Energy and Commerce committee of the U.S. Congress voting yesterday to speed up the approval process for Canada’s next big oilsands pipeline).

And while it’s easy to make the case for Ethical Oil without even getting into the economic benefits of the oilsands to people across North America, the fact is that those economic spinoffs are a big part of what makes Canadian oil so much better than the alternatives. When Canada’s oil industry does well, it means more people working and more taxes for hospitals, schools and other things that improve the quality of life for people—both in Canada, and beyond. Meanwhile, when industries do well in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Nigeria, Sudan and other places that produce Conflict Oil, that means only more money going to dictators to fund more wars, more persecution, more exploitation and more terror.

For a look at even more great reasons to support Ethical Oil, you can download CERI’s report “Economic Impacts of New Oil Sands Projects in Alberta (2010-2035)” right here.

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