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The facts shine through

Ethical Oil February 24, 2012

The anti-oil sands lobby wants you to think that there’s no greater emitter of CO2 than the oil sands. They spread lies and doomsday rhetoric aplenty, rolling out jet setting celebrities to opine and lecture us, all the while protecting market share for the world’s conflict oil producers — because they claim to be fighting some ‘historic battle’ in the name of climate change.

Well, after years of propaganda, misinformation and smearing about Canada’s ethically produced oil from radical anti-oil sands groups, the facts are starting to shine through.

Research done by climate science expert Andrew Weaver and his doctoral student Neil Swart has certainly thrown a giant wrench in the anti-oil sands propaganda machine. Using their man-made global warming models, they found that burning all economically available oil sands reserves would only raise temperatures by miniscule amount By comparison, burning all coal resources will raise temperatures 15 degrees.

About their research, Swart stated: “We’re hearing from a lot of people that if the oilsands are used, there will be a climate apocalypse. But part of the picture is that, in and of themselves, the oilsands will not cause climate calamity.”

Here are some more facts: There are individual coal-fired power plants in China that emit more carbon per year than the entire oil sands industry, and they’re building new ones in China every week. North American electricity generation emits 60 times more CO2 than the oil sands.

Of course, you won’t hear much criticism about China’s environmental record from the anti-oil sands crowd. In fact, groups like Greenpeace are far too busy praising the regime.

And you won’t hear the anti-oil sands crowd spend much time criticizing conflict oil producers like Venezuela, Iraq and Nigeria, with a carbon footprint that is the same and environmental safe guards that are pretty non-existent.

The radical environmental groups that spend their days smearing the oil sands and spreading fabrications and lies have lost their perspective, and credibility. The anti-oil sands agitators know very well that there are much bigger carbon emitters than the oil sands. They know that there is no major oil-producing country in the world that takes the environment more seriously than Canada–which  is why, according to Environment Canada’s measurements, the oil sands has reduced its per barrel GHG output by 29% since 1990.

But even when presented with the facts from a leading climate science expert, the anti-oil sands lobby will likely stick with the charade of protesting ethical, Canadian oil as if it were somehow a critical cause for concern. And the conflict oil producers of the world will thank them for it.



Comments (4)

  1. “It would be a huge mistake to interpret these results as some kind of a ‘get out of jail free’ card for the tar sands. While coal is the greatest threat to the climate globally, the tar sands remain the largest source of greenhouse gas emission growth in Canada and are the single largest reason Canada is failing to meet its international climate commitments and failing to be a climate leader,” Weaver –

    (the same author of the report you wrote speaking on that very report)

    • After decades there is still no scientific consensus on man-made global warming / green house gases causes, may have been Mars or the Moon Tackle is referring to.

  2. The reasoning by weaver put forth by tackle below has a circular logic that is obviously faulty if you think about it. 7 billion people on the worlduse energy – they use coal. using oilsands energy puts out less than one order of magnitude of the predicted temp rise than coal….so what are you saying?? keep using coal because until we have a fully renewable based solution that has no AGW consequences …what do we do in the mean time???? Solar and wind are EPIC EPIC FAILURES nearly bankrupting governments and taxpayers alike. I must disagree with you Tackle — Bring on the oilsands TURN THE TAPS TO FULL!

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