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The oil industry: Good for all Canadians

Jamie Ellerton June 11, 2012

While some politicians — *cough, Thomas Mulcair, cough* — spread disinformation and unfounded economic assertions about the oil sands having a negative effect on Canada’s economy, a report an Ottawa think tank demonstrates how the oil industry is benefiting Canadians across the country.

The study from the independent Macdonald-Laurier Institute determines that the economic benefits of Canada’s oil and gas industry far outweigh any concerns such as currency issues.

“Far from oil and gas development creating winners in a few provinces at the expense of numerous losers in other regions is not borne out in the evidence. On the contrary, that evidence suggests that benefits are both substantial and surprisingly broadly distributed nationally,” Brian Lee Crowley, co-author of “No Dutch Treat: Oil and Gas Wealth Benefits All of Canada,” stated in a release.

Among the effects itemized by authors Crowley and Robert Murphy:

• Ontario receives $64.9 billion in higher economic output and 882,000 person-years of additional employment attributable to Canada’s oil and gas development.

•  B.C. and Quebec would experience GDP growth of $28.8 billion and $14.1 billion respectively.

• If the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines are approved, estimated economic output rises to $95.3 billion for Ontario, $42.4 billion for B.C. and $20.7 billion for Quebec.

Even in the most conservative scenarios, they calculate, there is a “shower of substantial benefit” to Canadians across the country. Best of all, unlike our competitors in the conflict oil producing countries, we get to enjoy them while maintaining the high level of ethics, human rights protections, worker protections, security and stability that Canadians have always stood for. Attacking the oil sands and its workers may be the strategy of some point-scoring politicians, but when they do it, as this report shows, they’re attacking Canadian jobs, prosperity and values.

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