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Tides Canada: Political to its Core

Ethical Oil August 8, 2012

Mounting evidence suggests Tides Canada is 

blatantly violating Canadian charities law

TORONTO sent a letter of complaint to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) today calling for Tides Canada’s charitable status to be reviewed for violating Canada’s charities law.

The CRA has strict rules that registered charities must follow in order to maintain their special privilege of tax subsidies from Canadian taxpayers. But the mounting evidence suggests Tides Canada is abusing that special privilege. The 143-page letter details three ways that calls into question Tides Canada’s compliance with the law:

  1. Tides Canada is involved in an abundance of political activity, suggesting a collateral political agenda that goes to its core.
  2. Tides acts as a conduit of charitable dollars, funnelling charitable donations to highly political, and non-charitable, groups like PETA and ForestEthics.
  3. Tides Canada’s resources benefit people and organizations that are not arms length from Tides and its personnel.

PETA and ForestEthics are inherently political organizations that would never qualify for charitable status, but Tides Canada provides them with taxpayer-subsidized money.  They claim to be involved in no (zero) political activity, but the countless examples prove otherwise. Tides Canada is also the preferred clearinghouse for foreign billionaires to funnel millions into Canada to attack Canada’s resource industry.

Canada is a free country and Tides Canada can be as political as they want to be. But don’t call it charity and expect Canadian taxpayers to subsidize it.


“Whether engaging in highly political campaigns or using accounting tricks to fund highly political organizations, the mounting evidence suggests Tides Canada is political to its core and violating the law. It’s time for the CRA to investigate.”

–Jamie Ellerton, Executive Director,


To see the letter of complain click HERE

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