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Time to Investigate: David Suzuki Foundation

Ethical Oil April 25, 2012

Canada Revenue Agency needs to review the David Suzuki Foundaiton’s charitable status

OTTAWA Given the mounting evidence of political and partisan activity the David Suzuki Foundation engages in, on April 24 wrote to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) calling for the environmental lobby group’s charitable status to be reviewed.

The CRA clearly states that registered charities are prohibited from engaging in partisan activity and sets very strict rules for political activity. The 44-page letter details the political and partisan activity of David Suzuki Foundation over the past year, including:

  • David Suzuki endorsing Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty’s record and appearing in a Liberal Party of Ontario partisan ad
  • Persistent calls to action political action
  • Frequent condemnation of government policy
  • Trying to sway the Senate to abandon their inquiry on foreign funding of charities.

With 12 registered lobbyists, the David Suzuki Foundation has more lobbyists on staff than most government relations firms. Charities are supposed to do charitable work: feed the poor, take care of the sick, and fund life-saving advancements in medicine.


“The David Suzuki Foundation his a highly political organization. With the mounting evidence of partisan and political activity, it is time for the Canada Revenue Agency to investigate.”

–Jordan Graham, National Spokesperson,

 To read more about our efforts and take action, CLICK HERE.

To download the letter of complaint click HERE

UK High Commission – DSF

Comments (13)

  1. Ethical Oil…interesting concept. Attacking the nice scientist we all watched growing up…interesting again.

  2. Saving wildlife, worldwide… Sounds like a terribly evil organization to me. Exporting oil seems to be a more worthy cause eh?

    • Ethical Oil is funded by Canadians. We are a registered non-profit organization and are not a charity.

        • Ethical Oil does not issue charitable tax receipts for donations. We are not a registered charity.

  3. This complaint warrants the same investigation of Ethical Oil as this complaint is your organization working as the current goverment’s policy enforcers. Suzuki expressing his support of action taken by McGuinty’s government is somewhat different than the foundation endorsing a candidate. (comprehension problems? Let me recommend a program) Ethical Oil doesn’t need many lobbyists – they’ve got their man in government! Causing this waste of taxpayer’s hard-earned money on a frivolous
    investigation is abhorrent. Shame on you!

  4. David Suzuki is marxist millionaire who simply indoctrinates our children with his lies.
    How he is allowed to do this with all party’s being OK with it boogles the mind.
    Yes he has fooled many but has been caught now.
    I say go up his lying organizations butt with a fine tooth comb since that’s how we as regular folks are treated by the CRA.

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  6. I think outfits like Ethical Oil need to be very careful as people like me who are in business and who tend to not be too political will mobilize as you cross the line and attack outfit like Mr. Suzuki’s foundation. If you think demonstrations in the streets of Montreal are getting out of hand, just keep going.

    • Haha go ahead! Drive your car to the protest, don’t forget to change your oil on the way ok!

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