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Venezuela & Iran: Conflict Oil’s BFFs

Alykhan July 27, 2011

The fact that the United States has sanctioned Iran and doesn’t buy any Iranian oil has never really diluted the argument for supporting Ethical Oil. Even if the United States doesn’t import oil directly from Iran, it buys loads of the stuff from Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian regime is America’s fourth biggest supplier of crude. And, increasingly, the two are steadfast allies.

That’s what Admiral Mike Mullen, outgoing chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff — the top soldier in America’s armed forces – is worried about. Briefing the foreign press Tuesday, Mullen said he shared worries from the U.S. Congress over Venezuela’s lasting and “growing” friendship with Iran, a country whose theocratic leaders have vowed to destroy Israel, are building illegal nuclear weapons, and are major sponsors of terrorism. Meanwhile, Martin Dempsey, nominated to be Mullen’s replacement, says Iran looks to be stirring up even more conflict in Southern Iraq by arming militias to inflict mass casualties, and turn that part of the country into a gruesome scene like that in Beirut during its brutal civil war.

Even without Iran in the mix, the United States still buys oil from regimes that are plenty repugnant: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Russia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Oman, Syria. What’s important to remember, also, is that the more Ethical Oil that comes on to market, the weaker the hold that mighty Conflict Oil states, like Iran, can wield – not just over the United States but over Britain, Europe and the Mideast. Since Iran and Venezuela are increasingly trading together and are working on greater military ties, Americans are still stuck supporting Iran by supporting Chavez. Sanctions won’t stop that; working on replacing every last drop of Chavez’s Conflict Oil with Canada’s Ethical Oil, will.

Comments (3)

  1. I guess if something works well you stick with it. After years of having conservative hate propaganda shoved down our throats every election they have turned the hate machine in the direction of their oil rivals. This campaign has nothing to do with ethics, its just the shiny new coat of paint applied to the same old oil sands. This marketing campaign is laughable..

    • The land usage, ghg emissions, water usage and ethical oil FACTs speak for themselves. The only thing that is laughable is the ignorance some people have. Wake up and smell the roses.

  2. Craig beakhouse August 17, 2011 at 18:30

    Venezuela has a democratically elected government. Chavez has been blacklisted by the US because he operates his country as a sovereign state instead of bowing to US influence. The US uses the label “terrorist” against any country that stands up to them. That’s what Iran and Venezuela have in common. They are also both on the short list of “next country to invade”.

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