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Venezuela: Official Energy Supplier to the Syrian Massacre

Jamie Ellerton March 11, 2012

The United Nations estimates that as many as 7,500 Syrians have been massacred so far by the barbarous al-Assad regime. Actually, the UN estimated that last week. With about 100 men, women and children being murdered every day, according to the Under-Secretary-General for political affairs, the number would be well over 8,000 by now.

Western countries have been organizing to starve Bashar al-Assad of the resources and the funds he needs to power his butchery: Europe finally stopped importing Syrian oil, the UN has imposed hard-hitting sanctions, and most ethical countries, including Canada, have closed their embassies in Syria. Even the Arab League has suspended Syria’s membership as it condemned the dictatorship’s brutality.

What keeps al-Assad’s liquidation project running, then? Step forward Hugo Chavez. Venezuela is preparing to send a third shipment of diesel fuel this week to Syria to power the tanks shelling Syrian cities and the transports ferrying troops into the cities where they mow down innocent civilians. “The decision of the government is to give all our support to Syria,” said Venezuelan congressman Adel El Zabayar.

Venezuela is one of the United States’ biggest oil suppliers. Every day Americans fill up at CITGO stations owned by Chavez’s government. Syria may be under tight sanctions, but every drop of Venezuelan oil that Americans buy, is more money that ends up helping Venezuela to help support Syria’s massacre of its own people.¬†Conflict oil is fuelling more conflict.


Comments (7)

  1. KM, I think your argument is heard loud and clear but the argument I want to hear is about how ethical oil isn’t a false dichotomy.

  2. Dial 1 800 Oil Spill March 12, 2012 at 10:22

    hmmm… are we allowed to say Canada official supplier of weapons and armoured personal carriers for the various massacre’s of Saudi Arabia during recent popular demonstrations??? it is after all very true… they are a preferred customer of our weapons and platforms…

  3. What about our good friends the Chinese, who vetoed actions against Syria? As a major stakeholder in the Alberta tar sands, does not the direct implication make our oil unethical by your own logic?

    Oh, I forgot. By using the name “ethical oil” you have already disqualified yourselves as being logical.

  4. It’s odd that all of the anti-EO crowd here spends so much time justifying the support of a conflict dictatorship. Maybe we should be sending monitary aid to Venesuela too, perhaps they could send troops over to help Asad out a bit.

    • Justifying the support of a conflict dictatorship? Where? Anyone? As a philosophy major I am just offended by these Enbridge assholes trying to redefine ethics. More CBC interviews please K-mart

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