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Welcome Kathryn Marshall!

Alykhan September 27, 2011

I’d like to introduce Kathryn Marshall to readers. Those of you who follow her on Twitter at @KVMarshall know she’s one of our most enthusiastic supporters. That’s why I’m excited that, starting today, she’ll be joining on as an ethical oil blogger and taking over as’s chief spokesperson.  

After four and a half years in the bear-pit of federal politics – including two national election campaigns – and leading the establishment and launch of, I’m (finally) taking a break. Starting next week, I’m going to embark on what Yes Minister’s Sir Humphrey I think called “arduous foreign travel” aka a really long vacation. 
When Ezra asked me early this summer to help him use this website to blog about the ideas in his book I don’t think either of us expected how fast interest in the ethical oil idea would grow or the amount of media attention we’d receive. We certainly didn’t expect to be censored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its 2,600 lawyer law firm. 

Now that is up and running, it’s a good time for me to hand over the reins to someone else. I’ll try to keep blogging every once in a while but media needing an ethical oil spokesperson, or blog readers who want to suggest an idea for something can do, can reach Kathryn at Welcome Kathryn!

Comments (9)

  1. Excellent job so far Alykhan! Perhaps on your travels you could interview everyday people in far away coutries about this for your blogs. Let’s see how balanced or unbalanced the views can be (just like here). Welcome Kathryn, looking forward to your perspective.

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  3. Excellent Job Alykhan! You have surpassed your goal and much more to draw peoples’ and medias attention to Ethical Oil.


  4. You’ve got 1600 supporters ? We have millions and growing daily. If the Harper oil lobby thinks they are going to circumvent the wishes of millions for the profit of a few they had better look to the Mid east to see what happens to despots and their cronies !

  5. Why would a student/puppet be put in charge of the blog when she cannot answer a simple straight forward question posed to her on National TV. I should think it would be more appropriate to stick one’s head in the sand and hope the images disappear.

  6. What a load of hooey. Kathryn couldn’t even put a sentence together without parroting some talking points in her hand.

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