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not all is equal. what choice will you make?

Let’s reverse Line 9. Let’s buy Canadian ethical oil and support refining jobs in Ontario.


The Pipeline:

The Line 9 pipeline  is a part of a network of pipelines that imports foreign oil and ships it through Quebec to refineries as far west as Sarnia. Built in 1975 to bring western Canadian crude to Canada’s east, the Line 9 pipeline has been bringing OPEC oil to Sarnia since 1999.

On August 8, 2011 an application was submitted to the National Energy Board to reverse a portion of the Line 9 pipeline (Phase I) and ship up to 250 000 barrels per day of Canadian  ethical oil to Westover, Ontario. If we reverse Line 9 again – back to the way it was built – we could have Canadian oil, in a Canadian pipeline that’s already built, delivering energy and refining jobs back to Ontario and beyond.


Ending Reliance on Conflict Oil:

Reversing the Line 9 pipeline will help Canada end our reliance on conflict oil from places like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Nigeria. Conflict oil destroys the environment, supports human rights abusers, fuels conflict and war, and exploits its workers.

In 2010 and 2011, Ontario imported over 5 million barrels of oil from OPEC nations.


The Choice:

Canadian oil currently sells at up to $30 less per barrel than world prices. Canadians east of Manitoba are missing out on that cheaper oil. Refineries have actually been shutting down in recent years in Ontario and Quebec, taking Canadian jobs with them. Sending unrefined oil sands oil from Alberta to Central Canada would support western Canadian jobs while supporting valuable refining jobs for Ontario and Quebec, provinces that certainly could use an employment boost.

This should be a no-brainer: More Canadian jobs across the country and more support for ethical Canadian oil instead of bloodstained oil coming from OPEC’s tyrants. Line 9 is already piping oil across Canada; this is just about reversing the direction it flows, switching from tankers bringing in conflict oil, to Canadian operators producing ethical oil.

It is time for all political leaders to step up to the plate and state their support.

Let’s reverse Line 9 again. Let’s buy Canadian ethical oil and support refining jobs in Ontario.


What You Can Do:

Canada’s Line 9 pipeline was built to bring oil from western Canada to Ontario and Quebec refineries.

Today, the flow of Line 9 is reversed – and brings foreign OPEC oil from east to west.

If we reverse the flow of Line 9 again – back to the way it was built – we could have Canadian oil, in a Canadian pipeline that’s already built, delivering energy and refining jobs to Ontario.

Do you want Line 9 to carry foreign OPEC oil east to west, or do you want Line 9 to carry Canadian Ethical Oil west to east – while bringing good, high-paying refinery jobs to Ontario?

Declare your support to reverse the flow of the Line 9 pipeline and support bringing Ethical Oil and jobs to Ontario.

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