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Time to Investigate: Expose Radical Groups Masquerading as Charities

Charities are supposed to do charitable work: feed the poor, take care of the sick, and fund life-saving advancements in medicine. For their charitable work, legitimate charities enjoy special charitable status from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). That means they don’t have to pay taxes like you.

When charities do partisan political work, they STOP being charities. They also violate charities law; which prohibits charities from engaging in partisan political activity.

Why should taxpayers subsidize the political agenda of radical environmental groups? It’s time to take a stand.

The federal government just announced they’re upping their efforts to clamp down on registered charities violating charities law.

Fill out the form below to write Minister Shea to report any radical or environmental lobby group you’ve seen masquerading as a charity so that their taxpayers subsidy comes to an end!

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